AKTUAL NEKRETNINE, a real estate agency from Zagreb, stands at your disposal with a range of services which we provide to you personally or in association with acknowledged experts in a fast, quality and professional manner.

- project development and elaboration
- real estate appraisal
- intermediation with buying, selling, renting and leasing of all types of real estates
- intermediation with credit financing
- resolution of property law relations
- alignment of the Land Register and the Book of deposited contracts
- dividing up of land
- condominium apportionment
- legalization
- energy certification
- architectural design
- urban planning
- adaptations of interior
- interior design and decoration
- production of custom made furniture

A few more thoughts about the way we work and our additional services…


We will represent the real estate that you are selling or renting in a quality and modern manner.
We will feel the pulse of interested clients and offer them exactly what they want and assist them in the attainment of their goals (legal counselling, credit financing, energy certificates, legalization, etc.)

By listening to the wishes of our buyers and by acknowledging their means, we will offer them exactly what they are looking for – with a minimal loss of time in the process of browsing through what they do not need! We help our clients to the best of our abilities – with advice, recommendation, by linking them up with experts with whom we work - like architects, lawyers, interior designers etc.


We introduce our clients to their tax-related, legal and other obligations. Business operations related to terms such as “registration, land registry, cadastre” are common to us and to the lawyer with whom we closely cooperate. The client’s legal security in real estate traffic is deeply embedded in the way we conduct our business.


Since we are working closely with a reputable architectural office, we can offer you a great collection of services like: energy certification, legalization, architectural design, urban planning, expert real estate appraisal, condominium apportionment and similar...

In order to help you achieve your vision about the interior appearance of your real estate, we liaise with creative people who have proven themselves in the area of interior design and furniture production.

We proudly present you our hand skilled and creative minded team of associates:
- The successful and imaginative designer Jelena Mileta from Zagreb and her Jet set studio which deals with the furnishing of interiors and exteriors.
- The pleasant and diligent Antonio Bolanča whose company Izgradnja Bolanča is an excellent choice for all those who favour professionally done building adaptations.
- We also present you Lanix interijeri headed by Ilija Nikolić who makes quality custom made furniture that suits the taste of modern families as well as the needs of business objects.
- Our Number 1 choice for the production of metal constructions and furniture is the company Inox Herceg.

You are an investor who wants to build a construction complex, but it is a long way from the urban plan and the obtaining of the occupants’ compliance to the realization of the project. Let us not fool ourselves – in our country this can be a real Gordian knot that a lot of people cannot disentangle or experience great difficulty in cutting it. Aside from the right vision, a lot of effort, willpower, knowledge and skills are needed – and these are the qualities of the owner of Aktual nekretnine, Marijan Beljan of whom many of our clients have simply said: “If he hadn’t existed, it would have been necessary to invent him!” because he has proven himself as an expert precisely in the field of project development and the untangling of complex property law and other threads.

Feel free to contact us with all your questions, dilemmas and suggestions – sometimes just one call can make all the difference!